About Fairgrounds St. Pete

Fairgrounds St. Pete is an arts destination where everyone is invited to explore an immersive world of playful art and technology exhibits based on original Florida stories.

Through a range of exhibits, events and workshops, Fairgrounds will showcase the creative innovations of artists and makers working in all mediums. Our mission is to become a cultural hub for immersive art experiences, and an economic engine for local artists and craftspeople. We believe in art for all, joy for all, play for all.

The name Fairgrounds references traditional fairgrounds and their role as a place for exhibiting new ideas, as well as recognizing talent, creativity and innovation. Much like a county, state or world’s fair, Fairgrounds is a place for play and discovery and a venue for showcasing, convening and celebrating Florida’s creative community and artists. In addition, the word Fairgrounds is a play on words referencing our mission to compensate artists fairly for their contributions by paying not only for their work, but also a portion of the profits from ticket sales while their work is on view.